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John Vnuk

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Welcome to our November 2020 Sponsor Profile for John Vnuk of US Health. We want everyone to remember that without our sponsors, we would be unable to hold our TableTop Networking events in Northern Colorado – their support in whatever form they provide it is invaluable and make our events possible.
John is on a mission to save you money on health insurance and provide you better coverage as well!

About John …

John Vnuk is a Denver CO native and has been with US Health for over 5 years. Specializing in providing health insurance options to businesses,and the self employed. US Health has spectacular insurance that is less expensive then an ACA plan because US Health is not part of the ACA by design. Resulting is substantially less monthly payments, Low deductible like only $500 for accidents on and off the job. Cigna PPO and of course unlimited coverage if needed It only takes 5 minutes to get a quote and compare to what you currently have.

If you want or need to talk about Health Insurance options, please do not hesitate to contact John – ANYTIME!

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